Headpiece Ondego

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    Headpiece Ondego is made from 100% wool felt. Made to order in custom colours. The headpiece attaches with a subtle elastic band; leave a note with your hair colour when ordering. Size: diameter approx. 46cm / 18.11in, total height approx. 16cm / 6.29in. Please, contact me for more information and make sure you reed the Terms and Conditions of Sale.

    Size and dimensions

    Dimensions of individual products are stated partially; for they represent only the dimensions of the widest and highest, outer parts of a hat, brooche, lampshade or paper flower (all details and extras included) as seen from the front, as shown on the photos. In order for your hat to fit, other measuring will be needed. To know how to do it right, please see the HOW TO MEASURE pictorial instructions. Do contact me for help with measuring and comparing or for more details about product dimensions.


    Compact handmade boxes of various dimensions for safekeeping and transportation of hats, headpieces, brooches, etc. Each box is custom made for the respective item. These boxes are not included in the price of your desired item and are available for an additional payment. The price of a shallow box for brooches or smaller hats is 25, 00 EUR, the price of a larger box for higher hats or headpieces is 35, 00 EUR. However, the box is included in the prices of jewelry and the lampshades.


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    About collection

    The Bowflow collection offers a diverse range of essentially feminine motives like bows and flowers. These timeless symbols of delight, vitality and sweetness will lift the spirit, any place, any time. The singularly charming designs of different bows and handcrafted flowers are adding this kind of iconic motives a new expressive and aesthetic dimension.

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    At your request, I will gladly make a new piece or adapt an existing design.
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