“I am energized by art and by all the never-ending ways of its “blending with the human being” – when an applied-arts shape as an entity becomes the expression cloak of an individual identity and as such steps out of the galleries to be among people… on the streets, in squares, gardens and in halls... Life wrapped in art is a better, more interesting and more inspiring life.”
    Award winning brand in the fields of Fashion Design and Product Design.
    Original design, excellent artisanship & outstanding aesthetic achievement.
    Attractive and timeless design embracing functionality and art.
    Each piece is designed and handcrafted in Slovenia.

    Growing up in a creative environment, I began to reverence beauty at an early age.
    Following my implicit path, I graduated in Fine Arts (2004) from the Faculty of Education,
    University in Maribor, Slovenia as well as in Illustration and Graphic Art (2001) at the
    Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, Czech Republic.

    Fields of my creative work include product design, scenography, illustration, and spatial installation.
    and was presented to the public within numerous exhibitions and festivals, at home and abroad.
    In 2014, my works were awarded in the categories of Fashion and Product Design at the Month of Design
    festival in Ljubljana and in 2017, in the category of Product Design at the International Design Academy
    A’ Design Award & Competition in Italy.
    Living and working in Maribor, Slovenia, I am also the co-founder of the Maribor Salon of Applied Arts –
    an independent centre of urban cultures exhibiting and selling works created by local artists.
    The brand Polona Poklukar (PP) includes Headwear, Neckwear, Anywear and Homewear – personally
    designed and handcrafted objets d’art.

    Create Your Own Reality

    Nothing in this world is permanent or unchanging. The world and the human being within are eternal variables in multiple relations with the time constant.

    Shape Follows Emotion

    My creative work is my dialogue with the world. It is the process of doubting the essence and the message of a particular object - and their innumerable manifestations -

    Expression Bears Freedom

    Creative transformation of the own image, the spaces we dwell in and thus the world around us means reaching beyond the inevitable, restrictive and often suffocating reality.


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