Uniqueness is in our nature

    March 29, 2019

    Create Your Own Reality

    Nothing in this world is permanent or unchanging. The world and the human being within are eternal variables in multiple relations with the time constant. Each passing moment sheds light on another one of the many aspects of a single thing: its new appearance, its new nature, its new meaning…


    The features of experiencing and understanding variety as well as constantly reinterpreting ourselves, others and the world around us make up our special and immense natural power. Being able to transform the own appearance as well as the reality we are experiencing is truly the most precious gift of our earthly life. We are all creating our own worlds and the worlds we share with other people – manifesting our exceptionality, originality and uniqueness.


    Shape Follows Emotion

    My creative work is my dialogue with the world. It is the process of doubting the essence and the message of a particular object and their innumerable manifestations, over again. My products – be it headpieces, neckwear, illuminant accessories, objets d’art or spacial installations – are my sincerest fine-art approximations of the Good, the Beautiful and the Inspiring.


    My original shapes come into being by free and unburdened expression affiliating art and fashion design, traditional design techniques and my own insights – utilizing my basic instinct for aesthetics. The final image of each of my creations is formed through elaborate and meaningful development and construction of the whole and can only be perceived through emotions triggered within the observer or the wearer by the individual piece. This is my goal, my joy, my calling.


    Expression Bears Freedom

    Creative transformation of the own image, the spaces we dwell in and thus the world around us means reaching beyond the inevitable, restrictive and often suffocating mundane reality. For me, it is the best way of uttering what I experience as my free self. With delight, I feel my own infinity in all its magical, sincere and unforced beauty of existence. When I enter the outside world looking my best, I take a deep breath of content to be co-creating a better, more diverse and colourful world – a world with more air … for me, for you, for all of us.