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    Made from stiffened fabric, one brooch consists of one flower and one or two leaves in the same colour. You can wear any number of them. Available in white, light pink, antique pink and black. The brooch attaches with a brooche-clip and/or an alligator clip (includes both options). Various sizes of flowers without leaves: from 9cm to 13cm / 3.54in to 5.11in. Also made to order in custom colours, patterns and sizes. cPlease, contact me for more information and make sure you reed the Terms and Conditions of Sale.

    Size and dimensions

    Dimensions of individual products are stated partially; for they represent only the dimensions of the widest and highest, outer parts of a hat, brooche, lampshade or paper flower (all details and extras included) as seen from the front, as shown on the photos. In order for your hat to fit, other measuring will be needed. To know how to do it right, please see the HOW TO MEASURE pictorial instructions. Do contact me for help with measuring and comparing or for more details about product dimensions.


    Compact handmade boxes of different dimensions for safekeeping and transportation of hats, headpieces, brooches, etc. The boxes are custom made and are generally not included in the price of your desired item, but are available for an additional payment. A shallow box for brooches or smaller headpieces is 25, 00 EUR; a larger box for higher hats or headpieces is 35, 00 EUR. However, the handmade box is included in jewellery and lampshade prices.


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      Handcrafted flower-shaped fabric brooches are an evergreen among accessories adding a fresh seasonal touch to an existing piece of clothing, a straw hat or a handbag.

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      At your request, I will gladly make a new piece or adapt an existing design.
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